Oil, gasoline and gas and its derivatives

The Phoenix Group is ready to provide specialized services with the long experience of its professionals in the global field of oil and related industries: Buying, selling, distributing, importing and exporting oil and gas and related derivatives Creating facilities for distribution and filling, loading, unloading, storage of all types of crude oil, grader gasoline, gas, diesel, fuel oil liquid, petroleum products Construction of facilities for storage, maintenance and filling of all types of liquid petroleum gas (LPG), oxygen gas, ethane, argon, helium and other inert gases. Transportation and supply of the domestic and international transportation fleet of oil and chemical tankers in all domestic and foreign crossings by land Establishing liquefied gas and gasoline stations and conversion industries and participating in their start-up and operation

In the field of construction

Since its establishment, our company aims to produce outstanding construction projects and aims to create places where people feel happy, relaxed and secure. The company's approach is based on quality and customer satisfaction. To achieve this, achieving quality not only in construction, but also in all aspects of the company, including sales and service processes, is one of the company's priorities. To ensure this, the characteristics of our employees are that they are responsible, take initiative and have all the necessary knowledge and skills in their field. Transparency and honesty are our most basic features that make our customers trust us. We are aware that we must maintain this in all our work and services.

In the field of tourism

The experienced staff of Phoenix Group, believing that customer satisfaction and quality services are the first word, are ready to provide the necessary services for all your trips, including domestic and foreign, hotel services, ticket sales, sightseeing, every day and every hour. land, sea and air transportation, supply of all kinds of domestic and foreign vehicles and boats, entertainment, hosting and participation in all kinds of tourist events and festivals, including all kinds of water, mountain and nature tours, scientific, cultural, winter sports, and many other services Respond quickly to all your needs and provide you with an unforgettable vacation experience.

In the field of Car

The biggest goal of the company in the field of automobiles is for customers to have easy access to the types of vehicles they need and the services related to them, both personal and industrial vehicles. Therefore, the import and export company buys and sells all types of light and heavy land, sea and air motor vehicles. (types of buses, minibuses, trucks, trailers, vans, tractors, taxis, motorcycles, bicycles, etc.) and all types of heavy industrial machinery, loading and unloading, etc., and for the benefit of customers, after-sales services Import and export company, wholesale supply and sale, creation of agency for all kinds of car spare parts and essentials (internal and external tires, rims, steering wheels and gears, etc.), repair and maintenance of all brands of cars are among its duties. Customers at all stages.


in all stages of the supply chain, from the preparation of seeds to the required fertilizers and pesticides - providing technological services, consulting in all matters related to agriculture, providing all the primary and secondary necessities used in agriculture from cardboard, plastic and other materials and equipment needed: All kinds of agricultural engines, pump engines, vehicles, tractors and equipment, all kinds of tools, machines, spare parts until they become the final product and packaging and export, phoenix Group considers it his duty to stand next to farmers and activists in this field. The establishment and consulting of greenhouses is also active inside and outside the country.